Exercise 9.2 – Turns While Climbing and Descending and Intro to Slow Flight


This lesson was to learn how to perform turns while turning or descending. The turns while climbing are done at 79knts and no more that 20° bank, which is how the climb is done following take off. The descending turns are done at 75knts with two stages of flaps and no more than 30°, which is how they are done when turning on to finals coming in to land.

This lesson was the first time that I’d talked to Farnborough Radar and wasn’t really prepared for it, but it went rather well and it is the type of skill that gets better with practice.


Local VFR Flight | Fairoaks (EGTF) to Fairoaks (EGTF) | QNH 1024 hPa | 20/03/2016 14:30 | Piper PA28-161 | G-BTNH


It was pretty hazy but the visibility was still good enough to get up to nearly 3000ft.

Farnborough METAR
Farnborough METAR

Heathrow METAR
Heathrow METAR


I had video and audio recorded successfully for the first time ever! I’ve over-layed the checks that I was performing to make it clearer for everyone to follow. I’ve also captioned the “standard” radio calls for the flight. Let me know what you like/don’t so I can learn for the next video.


Unfortunately the GPS track stopped recording after the first few turns, but I’ve uploaded what was recorded.

20160320 Track
Download the Google Earth track

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