Exercise 7.1 and 8.1 – Climbing and Descending


This lesson was to learn how to climb and do a glide descent. The climb is full power at 79 Knots and the glide descent is 75 Knots with idle power.


Local VFR Flight | Fairoaks (EGTF) to Fairoaks (EGTF) | QNH 986 hPa | 10/01/2016 10:00 | Piper PA28-161 | G-BSBA


It was a glorious day. It had been raining for most of the previous week so the grass was water-logged and very soft

Heathrow METAR
Heathrow METAR

Farnborough METAR
Farnborough METAR


The first video is taxiing to the fuel. It includes the internal and pre engine start check-lists. The grass was waterlogged and very soft so we got stuck and a few fellow members helped to push us out.

The second video starts just after we’d filled up. The fuel truck is still in front of us and once it has moved out of the way we do a shortened check-list (as we’d only just run through them before taxiing to the main apron for fuel). We taxi via B to runway 24 and take off, the first turn is towards Guildford not exceeding 1400ft so that we don’t get in the way of Aircraft going in to Farnborough. Shortly after take off the camera suction cup fell off the window so I missed most of the flight and the lesson!

The final video starts overhead the disused Wisley Airfield. There’s a VOR there (Ockham 115.300 Mhz) and it’s used as the last navigation point before joining overhead for Fairoaks (EGTF). From Ockham VOR we head towards Woking and the McLaren Technology Centre before turning right to overfly the 24 end of the runway at 1400ft. I then do a glide descent to the circuit height of 1100ft.


Google Maps Track

Download the Google earth track

One thought on “Exercise 7.1 and 8.1 – Climbing and Descending”

  1. Hi Richard
    Love the vids – think your instructor is going to suit you – he seems to be on the ball. Looking forward to ATC and cockpit audio.
    I am sure you will breeze through your training. Its difficult to find fault with what you do – however 5:22 you say “turning base”
    Should be Downwind.
    I will now get onto the next vid – keep up the good work.

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