Exercise 10.2a – Stalling and Stall Recovery


On the previous lesson we practised slow flight. This was to become familiar with how the aircraft feels while flying on the edge of it’s limits. This lesson we took the aircraft slower than it’s flight envelope to the point where it stalled so that I could experience what this felt like and recognise it before the stall. The next step was to learn how to recover from a stall.

I was shocked at how the aircraft dropped when it stalled and how 0g felt. My first recovery was a bit OTT and the positive g-force right after 0g was quite a shock too.

The winds were very light so I decided not to take my travel sickness pill, mistake! About 10 minutes in I started feeling off (even before we started stalling!). Once I was feeling iffy I stopped learning very well and messed up several radio calls. I won’t be making that mistake again.


Local VFR Flight | Fairoaks (EGTF) to Fairoaks (EGTF) | QNH 1028 hPa | 01/05/2016 10:30 | Piper PA28-161 | G-BOJZ


It was a very good day, which was fortunate as we needed to get up above 3000ft to practice the stalls.

Metar for Heathrow 01/05/2016
Metar for Heathrow 01/05/2016

Metar for Farnborough 01/05/2016
Metar for Farnborough 01/05/2016


I’m quite proud of this video. I’ve included the check-lists, radio subtitles and overlayed some digital gauges and a map of the route. I’ve also experimented with highlighting some traffic when joining the circuit at the end of the video and an arrow pointing to a VOR that my instructor was pointing out. Please leave me a comment to let me know which of these features you enjoy or think are  a waste of time!


01/05/2016 Google Earth Track - Speed
Download Google Earth Track

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