Dashware Instrument Overlays

I was browsing YouTube for flying videos and came across a video that had instrument overlays. It was something I’d been considering doing for future videos.

The software is called Dashware and it (more or less) read the GPS trace directly from a file exported by Google MyTracks which I’d used during my flying lesson for Ex 7.1 and 8.1. I had a little trouble with the units for altitude as I was importing them and has to create a custom mapping, but after a little tweaking it worked quite well.

The synchronisation is pretty simple to do. You just pick a point where you know that both the video and trace are doing the same event, I used the start of rolling for the take off, then tick the sync button and the both play at the same time.

Here’s the video, let me know what you think, shall I include the gauge overlays in the future?

For the future I need to try placing the phone somewhere a little clearer to improve the GPS lock and hopefully this will increase the accuracy of the gauges a little.

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